“When I say I want to photograph someone, what it really means is that I’d like to know them.”

Annie Leibovitz

Thank you for your interest in Sand Tiger Studio in Austin, Texas. My name is Sandy McCrory and I would love to take your photograph!

My attraction to photography began when I was just a kid and my parents gave me a Kodak Instamatic for Christmas. As my own family grew up, I took lots of photos using mostly a Cannon and 35mm film.

After going back to school in the early 2000’s and graduating from St. Edward’s University with a degree in Computer Systems Management, I started shooting digital mostly to use with websites. The majority of my photos were product photography for online shopping carts.

These days, almost everyone carries a camera with them most of the time. Why would I decide at this late date to be a photographer? Especially a portrait photographer?

First of all, despite everyone having a camera, I think most people need a good photo of themselves. Selfies of the young and pretty aside, sometimes it seems like no one wants their pictures taken. Especially older people.

Whether you think of yourself as too fat or too wrinkled or too gray or whatever reason you can come up with for not getting your picture taken, the people who love you want photos of you just as you are. My goal is to capture the essence of what makes you uniquely you in the most flattering way possible. It’s definitely an art, not a science, but I promise to do my best.

Secondly, I think a portrait taken by a photographer is more likely to be printed or at least archived in some way. Every photo I shot with 35mm film of my kids growing up got printed and at least stuck in a shoe box. I wonder if we will have a whole generation who grow up without any photos of themselves as kids because they were lost on cell phones.

I shoot with a Lumix G85. Usually I try to let the camera do the work with minimal editing of photographs after the fact. I am not about fancy locations or set ups. Sometimes your own backyard is perfect, or a special corner of your home. Not to mention the Austin area has lots of great spots to take photos. I also have a small home studio.

Contact me if you are interested in getting your photo taken. I am affordable. I never want the cost to be a barrier to someone getting a portrait taken, whether it is for family or business or whatever reason. Come on my photographic journey with me and let’s see what we can create together.